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What does Au-pair mean? - Conditions for an Au-pair stay? - Host parents expectations? - Au-pairs expectations? - Costs - Visa - A letter to you - Typical duties of an Au-pair?


Important to know for our Au-pairs:


- all services free of charge - apply now!!

- language course payed by the host family

- fast service - many regular host parents

- families all over Germany

- 10 years of experience in placing Au-pairs


- meetings for Au-pairs and travels

- contact to other au-pairs

- personal support - no anonymous platform

- if family shows not to be the right one,

  a new in found free of charge - all over




What does Au-pair mean?


 Young people from all over the world get the chance to live with a German family for a certain time. They are not meant to be a paid housekeeper, but they are supposed to be an equal member of the family for the time being - like an elder sister or brother to the other children.

The duties of an Au-pair are especially the responsibility for the youngsters and easy housework. Going along with the life in a German family the Au-pair can improve and deepen his/her command of the language. The tuition in a language course will re-port progress. Especially the Au-pair gets to know the daily life in a family of another culture and a foreign country and make many new friends.



Conditions for an Au-pair stay:

  • Age 18-26 years.
  • A-levels or GCSE and vocational training.
  • First stay with an Au-pair Visa in Germany
  • At least a basic knowledge of the German language.
  • Re children`s care: The Au-pair must have a liking for children and like to be with children. Advantageous are practical experiences in baby-sitting, in youth work or from work in a kindergarden e.g..
  • Duration of the stay: 6-12 months for Au-pairs who need no Visa.
  • A health certificate.
  • A traveller passport valid until the year after the return.


The host parents' expectations from the Au-pair:


  • The Au-pair organises and finances the journey to the host family and back home. The host family meet the Au-pair at the airport or station.
  • Working hours: 6 hours daily, 5 days a week (max. 30 hours per week) and baby-sitting in the evening 2-3 times per week. Some flexibility with working hours is expected within the 30 h limit and baby-sitting
  • Support with looking after the children: wash, bathe, dress, feed, walk, read, watch, accompany to the kindergarten or school.
  • Support with easy housework: tidying up, cooking and cleaning.
  • The Au-pair is supposed to attend language courses at the cost of the host parents - 2 VHS language course - once or twice a week.


The Au-pairs expectations from the host family.


  • A room of his/her own and free catering.
  • 260 EURO pocket money and in the case of coming from overseas 25 EURO per month extra to cover the cost of the ticket for the flight. All together 230 EURO per month. Continuation of payment for 6 weeks in the case of illness.
  • a language course payed by the host family - max. cost depending on the nearest VHS language course and the organisation of free travel to the course.
  • Accident and health insurance.
  • Protection against unlawful dismissal in the case of a premature ending of the contract (for whatever reason) both parties are bound to a time limit of 14 days, keeping all duties and rights.
  • holiday: duration of stay 12 month four weeks, 10 month two weeks, shorter stays one week at the host parents' costs. Holidays by law are free too or the hostfamily has to give reconciliation with free-time
  • Language spoken in the family has to be german.
  • If family asks for special medical examinations, they have to pay for those.




The Au-pair contacts a partner agency in the country of origin. There questions can be answered without language problems. The agent also provides a video about the Au-pair stay

The costs for the agencies differ. Applications can also directly be send to us.



Who needs a Visa?


Au-pairs from Non-EU-countries (except USA, Norway and Island) need a travellers passport and a special Au-pair visa.

The Au-pair has to apply for that visa at the German embassy in her home country. It is strictly forbidden to enter Germany for longer than 3 month from a Non-EU-Country without being in the possess of a visa for Au-pairs. You will be expelled form Germany if you try to trespass German law. Problems appearing cannot be sorted out by anyone.


How to get a Visa?

You have to apply for that visa at the German embassy in your country.

You will get a written invitation and a confirmation for responsibility which has to be handed out to the embassy.

After your application it will last about 2 months before you get the visa. For the time being the Au-pair agency and the host parents will do their best to push the matter ahead. Nevertheless you have to take in count a certain waiting period.


What else?

All further formalities - work license, stay permission - will be arranged with the help of the host parents.



A letter to you


Dear Au-pair...


I understand that you are planning to come to Germany. Thank you very much for asking me to help you with arranging the connections to an adequate host family. I enclose all the information that is necessary for an Au-pair stay.

Read through the forms carefully. If you decide to deal with me you will find enclosed in that letter all the forms I need for the arrangement. You have to fill them in and send them back to the address above. If you need more information or if you don't understand some paragraphs, you may either write to me or ring me up.

If there are no further questions left after reading the forms you may start on your application straight away.

I want you to send in the following items complete:

  1. The application form "The Au-pair introduces herself" in German

  2. 2 passport photos and additional photos of you and your family.

  3. A reference to prove your experience with children, either from relatives, friend or neighbours

  4. A letter addressed to your future host family covering details about yourself, your family, your hobbies, your education, your career expectations and your motives for coming to Germany as Au-pair.

  5. Description of your character, written by neighbour, parents or teacher, in German.

  6. Copy of your driving-license if you have one.

  7. Certificate or report to prove your knowledge of the German language.

  8. A copy of your traveller passport valid until the year after her return.

  9. Health-certificate.

I only accept and deal with complete applications.

As soon as we found suitable host parent for you we will send detailed information about them to you and an invitation which is like a contract between you and the family.

It is important for you and the family to get into contact with each other. If you don't want to call, you should write a letter.

After arriving in Germany please tell me because then you will be send a list with other Au-pairs living in the area you will stay, so that you can get into contact.

Whenever there are problems with what so ever don't hesitate to call me right at once. Office times are Monday to Friday form 9.00 am to 3.00 p.m. Tel. 0049 221/733030


Best wishes

Heike Hambloch




Typical duties of an Au-pair in Germany


Caring for Children

  • wake up the children in the morning and help them getting dressed.

  • tidy up the children's room, hover, make the beds.

  • guide the children to the Kindergarten or/and to school.

  • go on small trips with the children (e.g.. Zoo, picnic in a park, cinema and so on).

  • prepare meals (easy and small dishes).

  • looking after babies: playing, feeding, bathing, walking, change napkins.

  • caring for children: tinker, paint, guide to the playground and to playmates, play social games and so on.

  • looking after children going to school: watch homework being done, play social games, sports, tinker, paint and so on.

Easy domestic duties:

  • tidy up the own room (including. Vacuum cleaner, dust).

  • fill the washing machine, hang up the washing and pleat it.

  • iron the cloth of the children, possibly also the cloth of the host-parents (depending on agreement).

  • help preparing meals (e.g.. peel the potatoes).

  • prepare easy dishes for the children.

  • lay the table, clear the table.

  • fill and empty the dish-washer.

  • do some shopping (no quantity purchase), fill the food into the cup-board.

  • helping with some work in the garden and with looking after the pets.


This is not for Au-pair:


hard domestic duties like cleaning all the windows, washing the car, redecoration, do quantity purchase and so on.

Easy domestic duties should be overtaken in an appropriate range by the Au-pair. The Au-pair usually spends most of her time with the children, that's where her/his duties should be most of the time, unless something else is agreed.


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